Congratulations to Lyle Webster who was our 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Over 10 folks received votes that year, which speaks to how much we appreciated all of the important ministry by our members and friends. A life-long dedicated member of the church family, Lyle chaired the Board of Trustees and with loving care and knowledge he took good care of our church home. Constantly in demand with the many issues that arise, Lyle responded to each with grace, detail and good humor. We extend our appreciation to Lyle.

When it was mentioned that he has been in this church since he was born, and all the hard work he has done his whole life for the church, he said, “Worked hard my whole life? - NOT YET!”

Volunteer of the Year


We had a tie this year! Congratulations to Ellie Stetson and Joanne Dates.


Congratulations to Barbara Staples who is our 2018 Volunteer of the Year!