Welcome to the First Baptist Church of Littleton
  ~~  Journeying to God's Sacred Beat
461 King St. Littleton, MA
Handicapped Accessible
Air Conditioned 


in Littleton, Massachusetts





At the end of May 2017, Interim Pastor Jay Mulligan stepped down having held the fort for over two years.

At his last service, he spoke these kind words:


"Friends, we have done this in our brief time together, But, let me say, you have done this for me.  Thank you for your gifts.


I have known a new warmth through you, a genuine caring for me, not just for the particular role I’m called to for this moment.


I have met new spirit-filled friends whom I will love and cherish all my life.  Again, friends of mine who will remain friends after I Interim Pastor becomes brother-in-Christ to you.  I have shared my greatest and most personal joys with you as friends.  Remember Jesus said “I call you not servants, but friends”.  So, you have been to me.  So you will always remain.


You have given me a new hope for the church.  On very rare occasion people have had differing perspectives here, but all toward the same goal.  And you love one another more than you hold onto any differences.  You speak your parts, you respect one another, you wait for God to lead, and come together.  Differences, yes, divisions, never.  I have never experienced more harmony than among you.  I have never seen more caring for one another than here.  I have never seen more lay participation and commitment than here, not for power or status or recognition, but because of your genuine love for the Lord and ALL God’s children everywhere (and a special love for the youngest and the most mature).  “The church” can be a country club, and a cruel one, thinking it is a gatekeeper to serve a limited membership through a hierarchy of power, instead of going out to tell the good news and to serve because you have a passion to love, not because you want to fill seats and meet a budget.  You friends, want to love!  You have sought the Lord and found focus and visions.  You have given me new hope for the church.


You have renewed my faith, my personal faith.  Yes, I have doubted but now I believe again that God can really be present with real hands and real feet and real hearts.  You have renewed my faith because I have seen God here, not just God at work, but God.  I have experienced God here.  I have seen and experienced God with my own eyes and heart and soul here.  And I have found God actually present in our music, our worship and our service.  You have renewed my faith."